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It is important to understand your pension, whether it is a Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, a Group RRSP, a personal RRSP, SERP, RCA or an IPP; we provide you with the tools to decide on the best options, decipher your current plan, and show you what it all means.

We can assist you with understanding the differences of the various pension plans, knowing the regulations, and what is required; making sense of it all and putting everything together.

We can also assist you with Determining whether it would be beneficial to have an IPP, SERP, or an RCA, what are the criteria for each; and what should you be looking at, as it relates to your situation.

Canada Pension Plan

In Canada we have the 3 tiered system; that is designed to provide you with a pension, knowing the options in each plan; understanding how to maximize your benefits; with your CPP, you can save by removing years that you were in school; or years you were at home taking care of children. It can add several dollars to your monthly CPP benefit; and we want to make sure that you know what your options are.

We will explain the Canadian Pension Plan; why it is important to review your CPP statements; and to request a statement, so you know the value of your CPP benefit.

Order your CPP statement; and we will review it with you. You can apply for CPP as early as age 60; what is the best option for you, utilizing our knowledge to your benefit and taking advantage of all your options.

Life Changes

During the current economic situation we can assist you in understanding your pension plans, what you can and cannot do, who to turn to for solutions, and what works best for you. That is our goal.

Do you know you have the option of unlocking your pension plan due to financial hardship? We can help direct you through that process

Find out more.

With all life changes it is important not to do anything until you have had the opportunity to review all the details and having someone with you to guide you through the maze of paperwork is the best solution. It is important to understand all the pieces, and follow the right path.

Our services are here for you; customized to suit your situation. We provide you with the options to make a decision that is right for you.

Retirement Calculators

Retirement Calculator with CIBC
Retirement Calculator with Royal Bank

No matter what institution you select the results will be the same. The sooner you start planning the better off you will be; what we want to do is to provide you with the knowledge so that you can make the decision that is right for you. Walking you through the maze of the pension world is what we will do.