Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights includes 15 rights, plus 5 new commitments for small businesses. Taxpayers now have the right to (see the fact sheet for more detail):

  1. Receive entitlements and to pay no more and no less than what is required by law.
  2. Service in both official languages.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality.
  4. A formal review and a subsequent appeal.
  5. Be treated professionally, courteously, and fairly.
  6. Complete, accurate, clear, and timely information.
  7. As an individual, not to pay income tax amounts in dispute before you have had an impartial review.
  8. Have the law applied consistently.
  9. Lodge a service complaint and to be provided with an explanation of our findings.
  10. Have the costs of compliance taken into account when administering tax legislation.
  11. Expect us to be accountable.
  12. Relief from penalties and interest under tax legislation because of extraordinary circumstances.
  13. Expect us to publish our service standards and report annually.
  14. Expect us to warn you about questionable tax schemes in a timely manner.
  15. Be represented by a person of your choice.
Mail Scam Warning from CRA

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is warning taxpayers to beware of a recent scam where some Canadians are receiving a letter fraudulently identified as coming from the CRA and asking for personal information. The letter is not from the CRA. A PDF version of the letter is available on the CRA Web site at

The letter claims that there is “insufficient information” for the individual’s tax return and that in order to receive any “claims,” they will have to update their records. The letter attaches a form specifically requesting the individual’s personal information in writing, via fax or email, including information on bank accounts and passports. This letter is not from the CRA and Canadians should not provide their personal information to the sender.

All taxpayers should be vigilant when divulging any confidential information to third parties. The CRA has well-established practices to protect the confidentiality of taxpayers’ information.

The CRA has notified the proper law-enforcement authorities of this scam.

For information about this and other similar scams, or to report deceptive telemarketing activity, visit, send an email, or call 1-888-495-8501